Minut can now call your guests (and other Guest Connect upgrades)

We’re making noise monitoring even easier and more efficient by launching Autocall, editable messages and noise timeline.
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April 27, 2021
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Minut can now call your guests (and other Guest Connect upgrades)

Guest Connect just got a major upgrade - we’re launching Autocall, editable messages and noise timeline. These new features will make dealing with noise issues a seamless experience, saving you time and busywork.

Have Minut call your guests

Minut can now call your guests when noise is detected. Autocall, our automated phone call feature, can be used in combination with text messages and Flash & Sound to remind guests about your noise rules.

Make your messages unique

We’ve updated our SMS to Guest feature to make the message editable - so you can make it as unique as your business is. Personalize it to match your brand’s tone of voice, and write it in the language that best suits you and your guests.

You can also have different messages for when the problem escalates, starting with a gentle first warning and getting more stern with time.

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Choose what happens when noise is detected

We’ve also added a noise timeline that lets you decide on the sequence of events once noise is detected. You can pick who is notified in the first instance, and how the situation is handled when it escalates.

Choose whether you want to message guests immediately or with a 10 min delay. Set up Autocall to be the final warning, or have it follow the SMS schedule. Decide if the sensor should alert the guests by flashing and sounding, and at which stage. We leave it up to you to decide what works best for you and your business.

Let Guest Connect resolve your noise issues

Our updated Guest Connect feature gives hosts and property managers the freedom and flexibility to make our automated noise response protocol fit their individual needs. It’s also the most reliable way to deal with noise issues fast.

In 94% of cases, just one friendly reminder is enough to get guests to quiet down within 15 minutes. When you automate response processes, you no longer need to be on the lookout for noise alerts 24/7. With Guest Connect, most noise issues will solve themselves, without any involvement from you or your team.

Enabling Guest Connect will make your operations more efficient, making Minut the best peace-of-mind investment you can make.

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