Minut now integrates with Cloudbeds: where efficiency meets innovation

In this blog post, find out how our integration with Cloudbeds can help you boost efficiency and innovation in your vacation rental business.
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February 27, 2024
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Minut now integrates with Cloudbeds: where efficiency meets innovation

Today, we are excited to unveil our latest integration with Cloudbeds, a unified hospitality management platform designed to streamline your business operations and enable memorable guest experiences. With this integration, managing your properties has never been easier. 

Minut x Cloudbeds: Elevate your property management experience

At Minut, we always look forward to bringing innovation right to your doorstep thanks to constant improvements to our sensor and app and new partnerships and integrations. Minut now integrates with Cloudbeds, a revolutionary hospitality management platform aimed at enhancing your business efficiency. From the convenience of your Cloudbeds account, you can now effortlessly oversee reservations, calendars, and automatically share essential information with your guests.

Protect your property anytime, anywhere

Curious about how Minut operates? It's simple. We monitor noise levels and alert you when they exceed your chosen threshold. Our innovative Guest Connect feature enables us to communicate with guests on your behalf, ensuring they receive important information such as house rules or check-in details. Whether it's sending an Autocall, a text message, or triggering the device to flash and sound, you can customize your preferred alert method through the Minut app!

While our primary mission is to safeguard your property, our new integration with Cloudbeds consolidates all the tools you need in one location. This unified platform allows you to save time while maximizing your profits, offering a comprehensive solution for property management.

Efficiency redefined: optimize your time and productivity

Our integration seamlessly links your Minut and Cloudbeds accounts. Once connected, Minut automatically gathers property information, enabling us to reach out to guests without your manual intervention. Research indicates that most noise issues can be resolved in under 15 minutes with a simple text reminder. Thanks to our integration with Cloudbeds, we promptly address excessive noise, allowing you to relax, knowing that potential issues are nipped in the bud.

Getting started is a breeze

Now here comes the good part. If you already have Minut and Cloudbeds accounts, you can set up the integration in just minutes! Navigate to the Integrations tab in the Minut web app, select Cloudbeds under 'Property Management Systems,' and click on Connect. For more detailed instructions, check out our Support article.