Minut Pro Tips: Make the Most of Minut

Take your Minut experience to the next level: organize your team, optimize operations and protect your property. Essential tips for Airbnb hosts, serviced accommodation operators, and property managers.
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June 17, 2021
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Minut Pro Tips: Make the Most of Minut

Hosts and property managers around the world know Minut as the most reliable noise monitoring solution for short-term rental - but did you know that Minut can do much more than that? Here are a few tips on how to make the best out of all our features.

1. Organize your team

Make property monitoring easier by getting your team involved. Add your co-host, security guard, area manager and/or the homeowner as a team member to give them access to your Minut account. You can choose how much they can see in the app: from all the homes in your organization, to a select group, to individual homes. Read more here.

2. Learn from your history

Explore noise, motion, temperature, and humidity graphs to get a general idea of the environment in your home or to check on a particular date and time. (This feature especially comes in handy when you get a noise complaint.)

3. Optimize your noise timeline

Decide what needs to happen once noise has been detected. Customize noise duration, thresholds, who needs to be notified, and when. You can set it up for each home individually or apply it to multiple homes at once.

4. Automate guest communication

Did you know that Minut can text and call guests on your behalf? You can choose when it happens and write a custom message in your noise timeline. It’s an easy way to take one more thing off your plate and make sure all noise issues are resolved quickly.

5. Integrate with your PMS

When you integrate your Minut account with your PMS, booking data syncs automatically for each of your homes. This means you will no longer need to enter guest information manually, saving you time and eliminating potential errors.

Read more about our integration with Guesty here and check out our ever-growing list of integrations here.

6. Go above and beyond with Zapier and API Access

With Zapier and API Access, there are no limits to what Minut can do. You can easily connect it to other smart devices via Zapier or even build a custom dashboard with API. So let your imagination run free and let us know what you come up with!

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