Party-free hosting in Ibiza

A short-term rental host tells us how he managed to keep his Ibiza properties safe and party-free all summer, despite the island’s party reputation.
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April 20, 2021
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Party-free hosting in Ibiza

I manage three short-term rental apartments in Ibiza.

I have to maintain good relationships with the neighbors to comply with the norms of the building. Otherwise, I won’t be able to continue my rental business.

So I have to be extra careful with my guests, because the majority comes to parties, and sometimes to enjoy their vacation with no limits. I have been looking for a solution to monitor noise levels since 2017. I had almost started to build a noise-level sensor on my own when I first came across Minut in 2019.

Minut sensor is a noise monitoring device. It’s highly accurate and can be managed from a mobile app, so it gives direct control to users from a distance.

It is packed with motion detection, temperature and humidity sensors and its design makes it very easy to install on the ceiling.

Minut meets all of the quality requirements I could wish for. It is made by a Swedish tech company, and their customer service and the community around Minut shows so much care for further improvements.

I was very impressed with Minut capabilities, so for the summer of 2020 I installed three Minut devices, one in each apartment. I also installed one device on the terrace and although outside usage is not recommended by Minut, it was working perfectly. I’ve always asked guests to agree with our terms before they arrive, but previous summer experiences showed that members of bigger groups can easily break the norms of noise levels. After I installed Minut, I started telling them about the noise monitoring as well.

Since then, I don’t have to worry so much about bad guests. There’s also no need to make ad hoc checks, which saves me a lot of time and worry.

Moreover, my guests are showing significantly higher rates of cooperation, since they know I will get notified immediately. Normally I set the limits to a lower limit like 60-65dB during the night, which is not overly loud, but it helps me keep track of situations that can lead to an extreme escalation. I would consider night-time sound levels above 80-85dB extreme, and setting a lower limit prevents the noise from ever reaching that point.

Thanks to Minut, last summer we didn’t have any extreme situations, but even if we had had one, I’m confident Minut would have let me know instantly, which is amazing!

- A property manager in Ibiza