Property Monitoring Beyond Noise

We compile a list of 6 core features that, together with noise monitoring, give hosts and PMs the power and flexibility to monitor their rental properties on their own terms.
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July 22, 2021
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Property Monitoring Beyond Noise
We have this device at each of our properties! The best peace-of-mind investment.
Haustay, property management company

Minut was designed to give short-term rental hosts all over the world the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe. That’s why noise monitoring is by far our most popular feature, letting Airbnb hosts and property managers keep an eye on sound levels in the property to make sure there isn’t a party underway.

We believe, however, that true peace of mind extends beyond any one feature; and that peace of mind can mean something different for different people. That’s why we empower our customers to choose what’s most important for them.

Here is a list of 6 core features that, together with noise monitoring, give hosts and PMs the power and flexibility to monitor their homes on their own terms.

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Occupancy monitoring

I love Crowd detect, it lets you know how many devices are in the unit.
Chanavia Floyd, property manager

What is it?
Our Crowd detect feature counts the number of mobile devices in the property and notifies the host when it rises above the threshold - indicating that a crowd is assembling.

How to use it?
Two things all parties have in common are noise and crowds. In combination with noise monitoring, Crowd detect empowers our customers to identify parties with greater accuracy, and act on them with greater confidence.

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Temperature & humidity tracking

Three days after installing Minut, it alerted me to a temperature drop. The furnace had stopped running. Because of the alert, I was able to contact a repairman first thing in the morning. My guests were arriving at 2:00 pm and thanks to Minut, the repaired furnace was up and running by 11:00 am!
- Kevin, property manager

What is it?
Minut tracks the temperature and humidity levels in the property. We will always let you know when the temperature drops below freezing, but you can also set your own thresholds and be notified when the humidity or temperature goes above or below your preference.

How to use it?
Keeping an eye on the temperature in your home can help you save on utility bills. For example, you’ll be able to tell when your guests checked out but left the A/C on. It can also help you avoid damage - excessive humidity can cause mold growth, and very low temperatures can lead to pipes freezing and bursting.

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Alarm recognition

One time we were able to come quickly because our guests had a problem with the fire alarm due to extensive baking
Airbnb host from Amsterdam

What is it?
Minut can recognize the siren of an alarm going off in your property - making traditional fire and CO detectors smart.

How to use it?
When you get an alert about an alarm going off in your property, you can act immediately to make sure your guests are safe. Sometimes it might just be due to over-enthusiastic baking, but we’re sure your guests will appreciate your concern in any case 😉

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Flexible installation

Easy setup, working almost out of the box.
- Airbnb host

What is it?
Minut can be installed wired or wireless, with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a year.

How to use it?
If you want to make it difficult for guests to tamper with Minut, we recommend placing the sensor on the ceiling. This way, the device will attract less attention, and you will free up the power outlet for your guests. It will also make motion readings more accurate.

If you prefer to leave your Minut wired in, you can place it next to the power outlet, and never worry about charging it again.

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Mold risk

With the feature checking the mold risk, just brilliant for an RV user like me!
- Tomas

What is it?
Minut monitors humidity and temperature data and uses it to calculate the mold risk in your home.

How to use it?
Monitoring mold risk can help you guarantee a healthy home environment for your guests.

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Security alarm and motion monitoring

The motion sensor helped me as a host to establish that late arrivals did eventually check in and also when they left to allow me to gain prompt access to be able to clean the flat for new guests.
- David, Airbnb host

What is it?
Minut monitors motion in the property and can be used as a security alarm. You can arm the alarm in the app - when turned on, Minut’s siren will sound if motion is detected.

How to use it?
You can keep an eye on the motion graph to see when your guests check in and check out. Once they leave, you can arm the security alarm to secure your home between bookings.