We collaborated with Airbnb to launch the Minut x Airbnb Pilot Program in Prague

As travel is recovering in Prague, the noise detector pilot program will help promote sustainable and responsible growth.
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September 23, 2021
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Minut and Airbnb logos over Prague landscape

At Minut, we always look for better ways to serve short-term rental hosts and their communities. That’s why we are thrilled to share the news about the Minut x Airbnb Pilot Program in Prague. 

As travel is recovering in Prague, the noise detector pilot program will help promote sustainable and responsible growth. Minut will enable Hosts to keep an eye on noise levels at all times to make sure their guests are not disturbing the neighbors. The Hosts will also be testing our Guest Connect feature, which lets Minut call and text guests directly when it detects noise. Our data has shown this to be very effective in reducing neighbor complaints against the short-term rental community.

We’re excited to share Airbnb’s official press release:

Airbnb kicks-off measures to support Hosts and guests in Prague ahead of autumn and winter season

  • Airbnb launches noise detector pilot program for Hosts in collaboration with Minut
  • Airbnb provides travelers with Good Guest Guide to support responsible tourism
  • Airbnb wants to work with the City of Prague to make home sharing work for everyone

Prague, 23rd September 2021: In line with the ongoing efforts to promote responsible tourism and travel recovery in the Czech Republic, Airbnb is launching a number of measures to support Hosts and guests in Prague. Today, Airbnb is announcing the start of a noise detector pilot program for Hosts and that it is providing guests with a dedicated ‘Good Neighbour Guide’ for visits to the Czech capital.

Airbnb wants to support Hosts in their effort to promote trust and safety in their homes and neighbourhoods. To this end, Airbnb has kicked off a six-month pilot program in Prague, enabling participating Hosts to use a noise monitoring sensor to detect and solve noise and nuisance concerns in their listing and to help guests travel responsibly in local neighborhoods. The pilot program is part of Airbnb’s efforts to identify new innovations for Hosts and will be run in collaboration with Minut, the provider of the sensors. 

Vladimir Beroun, Public Policy Manager at Airbnb for CEE and CIS, said:

“Airbnb is actively working with regulators and tourism organizations to promote responsible and sustainable tourism, support local Hosts and boost the economy in the Czech Republic. The vast majority of Hosts and guests on Airbnb are responsible travelers. We are committed to working together with the City of Prague to make home sharing work for everyone and the noise detector trial and the Good Neighbour Guide are just the latest steps we have taken to support local hosts and the communities in Prague.”

Nils Mattisson, CEO and Co-founder of Minut:

"We are thrilled to be helping Hosts on Airbnb in Prague care for their communities. With travel returning, we should take the opportunity to bring it back better. Our pilot program will improve relations between guests, hosts and neighbors, making Prague a better place for travelers and residents alike."

Minut will be working with a select group of voluntary Hosts in Prague who will install the device in their listing to detect potential noise disturbance and to inform guests about managing noise during their stay - all while respecting guest privacy as the devices simply monitor decibel levels and do not record or transmit anything other than actual noise levels.

Airbnb is also providing all Hosts on Airbnb in Prague with a Good Neighbour Guide, which Hosts can share with their guests. The Guide includes helpful tips to ensure guests can experience the best that Prague has to offer whilst also respecting the local community. This includes guidance on a range of topics such as being mindful of nuisance and information about rubbish collection days as well reminders of the individual house rules set by Hosts. 

Airbnb is actively working to invest in and continuously improve safety and trust on the platform. Earlier this summer, Airbnb launched a Neighbourhood Support Line in the Czech Republic and the company is working with government and tourism organisations across Central and Eastern Europe, such as the Hungarian Tourism Agency, City of Krakow and City of Bratislava, to support responsible travel.