How igloo uses Minut to automate operations and provide the best guest experience in their vacation rentals

Read on to find out how Scotland-based self-catering agency igloo uses Minut to protect their luxurious lodges and improve guest experience across their vacation rental portfolio.
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November 2, 2023
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How igloo uses Minut to automate operations and provide the best guest experience in their vacation rentals

igloo is a self-catering agency based in Aviemore, in the heart of the renowned Scottish National Park of Cairngorm. It was founded by Nick Lyon and Erin McBean who share a passion for hospitality and the Highlands. From self-catering luxurious lodges sporting hot tubs to dog-friendly accommodation, igloo provides its guests with the best the Scottish Highlands have to offer. At igloo, Minut sensors are installed in listings to ensure that their vacation rental properties remain protected at all times but also that guest experience is maximized.

Minut is a core part of igloo’s security strategy

The igloo team boasts over 20 properties, which means that prioritizing security is key to their growth, but also to the respect of their community. Minut is the first all-in-one solution that monitors noise, occupancy, motion, temperature, humidity, and cigarette smoke in vacation rentals. The igloo team has taken advantage of the wide range of services provided by the Minut sensor, using it not only to obtain required licenses by ensuring that their properties do not cause disturbance to neighbors but also to protect their reputation in cases of false claims. Thanks to Minut’s log, the igloo team is able to view all previous noise events, and thus to verify whether a noise event did occur in their property or not. This allows them to comply with environmental health requirements and improve relationships with the rest of their community.

“We've got everything from two bedroom apartments that sleep four people right up to huge country lodges that sleep 19. So Minut is being used in a whole different amount of scenarios across our portfolio and works for all of them.” Nick Lyon, Director

Making the best out of Minut’s outdoor monitoring feature

The Gen 3 Minut sensor now monitors noise indoors and outdoors, which means that it allows you to protect your property and community from unauthorized parties wherever they occur on your premises. Because igloo’s offering includes properties sporting outdoor hot tubs, the outdoor monitoring feature came in handy, allowing them to ensure that no outdoor noise was coming from those highly popular areas. Thanks to Minut’s instant notifications, the igloo team would be swiftly alerted if excessive noise were to occur next to their hot tubs – no matter the time. Minut also messages guests in case of excessive noise to remind them to be mindful of their neighbors and to keep the noise to a minimum. 

A treasure trove of automations and integrations for vacation rental professionals

The igloo team has made use of Minut’s wide range of integrations, including our integration with leading property management system Avantio. By linking their Minut and Avantio accounts, the igloo team is able to automate guest communication from check-in to check-out. Thanks to Minut’s motion detection feature, they are also able to check the time at which guests have left the property to allow cleaners to get in early if possible and to connect to the alarm systems to make sure they are running properly. The igloo team particularly appreciates the freedom and peace of mind that automations offer – they don’t have to worry about picking up the phone in the middle of the night because of a noise alert! 

"Minut really helps me schedule my day and make the best use of my time. The extra protection the temperature and humidity feature offers, especially in winter, is a really great feature that helps us keep our properties out of trouble if there is a power or hearing failure. We were able to see evidence of a flash flood through a humidity sensor. Another great feature is being alerted to an alarm in a property. We are the first to know if there is an emergency situation." - Erin McBean, Director

Igloo would recommend the use of Minut to all hospitality professionals, no matter the type of accommodation they are renting. From apartments to villas sporting attractive outdoor spaces, the Minut sensor will always help you optimize operations, reduce costs, and protect your property and community!