How to create a professional Airbnb account

Want to create a professional Airbnb account? We'll guide you step by step through the various options offered by the platform.
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July 28, 2023
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How to create a professional Airbnb account

Here's everything you need to know about creating a professional Airbnb account, whether you're a property manager or a homeowner who relies on short-term rentals as your main source of income.

As you probably know, listing your properties on Airbnb is essential for thriving in the hospitality industry, especially considering that the American platform is the market leader. Since Airbnb's launch in 2008, the number of travelers using the site to find their ideal accommodation has grown exponentially – and there seems to be no end in sight.

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Signing up as a Professional Host on Airbnb: Essential Information

To assist more vacation rental professionals like you in finding travelers who perfectly match the type of accommodations they offer worldwide, the American giant allows you to create a professional profile on their website or app. This can help you showcase your properties to a wider audience, granting you access to plenty of resources and advice. Airbnb will help you highlight your properties and positive reviews, so you can grow your presence in this highly competitive field. Discover the means at your disposal to become a well-renowned host and remain at the helm of the most profitable business or company specializing in short-term rentals.

1. Fulfilling Specific Requirements

Before proudly displaying the 'professional' label on your Airbnb profile and listings, you must ensure that you and your accommodations meet certain standards regarding furnished tourist rentals. To be considered a professional, your activity must be officially registered with the relevant authorities, and specific criteria must be met:

  • The frequency: Whether you receive paying guests regularly or occasionally.
  • The amount of income earned through this activity and whether it constitutes a significant part of your primary earnings.
  • The potential profits generated.

If you fall into this category, you most likely had to make this status official by either creating a company for individually conducted activities or registering as a sole proprietor or micro-entrepreneur regime.

Remember to submit a registration request for your activity at the relevant administration office governing your area. Lastly, make sure you hold all the necessary licenses and authorizations, as conducting an undeclared professional activity can lead to administrative and legal penalties.

2. Following Specific Steps to Create a Professional Account on Airbnb

As an established Airbnb host, it is essential to maintain a high level of professionalism in the properties you rent out and the guest experience you provide.

Having Perfect Listings

From the moment potential guests come across your listings, they should have access to comprehensive information about the property that peaks their interest:

  • The type of accommodation (house, apartment, studio, etc.).
  • The location.
  • The number of rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other amenities.
  • A detailed list of on-site facilities.
  • Attractive photos and enticing descriptions. However, be careful not to exaggerate or misrepresent the property.

Keeping an Updated Calendar

It is crucial that your reservation calendars accurately reflect the availability of your accommodations. Overbooking must be avoided at all costs! To optimize your organization, consider using well-designed property management tools such as PMSs and channel managers. Some of them have integrated our Minut solution into their system!

Implementing an Effective Pricing Strategy

Develop the best possible pricing strategy based on:

  • Market prices.
  • Geographical location.
  • Season (promotions during low seasons, special rates for extended stays).

The vast majority of professionals who rent on Airbnb or other platforms use revenue management strategies, such as dynamic pricing.

Providing Top-notch Interiors

  • Thoroughly cleaned spaces.
  • Fresh linens.
  • Equipment that matches what is listed in the advertisement.
  • Basic supplies available (soap, shampoo, toilet paper, towels, for example).

In short, everything to make new guests feel comfortable. It is crucial that they experience no disappointment or frustration regarding what you have promised in the Airbnb listing. Positive reviews await!

Effective Communication with Guests

From the moment the booking is confirmed until after their check-out (and beyond), guests should know that the host they are dealing with is experienced in short-term rentals. To reassure them, prepare a series of messages (via email, text message, WhatsApp, and/or others) that remind them you are committed to ensuring they have the best stay possible. These messages should include:

  • Thanks for choosing your accommodation.
  • A reminder of all the necessary information for a smooth arrival.
  • A warm welcome.
  • A follow-up to wish them a safe journey back and to inquire if everything went well.
  • A final message requesting their feedback through a satisfaction survey.

To build a stronger relationship with your guests, you can also create a comprehensive welcome booklet answering all the questions they may have for you. It should contain practical information, such as:

  • An introduction to the place and yourself (or the designated host), to make your relationship feel more personal.
  • A page displaying your contact details (and any other essential ones), as well as the codes and passwords needed to use the facilities (Wi-Fi, for instance).
  • Check-in and check-out instructions.
  • Practical information about living in the accommodation (instructions for using appliances and other amenities).
  • A reminder of the rules to follow, especially regarding noise to maintain good relations with neighbors.

In your welcome booklet, we highly recommend reminding renters of the presence of Minut's noise sensor if you are using one.

Once you've accomplished these tasks, you are fully qualified to register and operate as a professional on Airbnb.

When creating your account and adding a new listing, you'll be asked the crucial question: 'Do you host Airbnb travelers as a business?' You'll agree by selecting 'Yes, I manage or run a hospitality business.' You'll then be prompted to provide all the information requested by the platform (legal status, tax regime, etc).

Find out more in detail about how to register on Airbnb as a business.

3. Creating a Professional Airbnb Account: The Benefits

Using Airbnb as a professional short-term rental host comes with several advantages and provides dedicated tools that greatly simplify your management.

The Benefits

  • Access to an international clientele: Airbnb boasts over 800 million guests worldwide seeking authentic and unique experiences. By signing up, you have the opportunity to reach them and increase your online visibility.
  • Total flexibility: You can manage your calendar, rates, and cancellation policies according to your needs and availability. You can also select the type of guests you wish to host, based on their verified profiles and reviews.
  • Personalized support: Airbnb offers resources to help optimize your listing, improve your service, and retain tenants. You also get exclusive customer service, available 24/7, to answer your questions.
  • Attractive compensation: Airbnb only charges a 3% commission on each reservation, allowing you to maximize your earnings. You can also benefit from loyalty and rewards programs that offer discounts on partner services or invitations to events, especially if you become an Airbnb Superhost.
  • Enhanced protection: Airbnb provides a host guarantee that covers up to 1 million euros for damages caused by a traveler.

Learn more about the concept of an Airbnb host.

Features Dedicated to Professionals

  • Create and manage multiple listings simultaneously.
  • Manage the availability of all your properties in one place, with the multi-calendar.
  • Automatically collect and remit tourist taxes.
  • Build a professional storefront that showcases all your listings.
  • Assign roles and tasks to members of your team (whom you can also create).
  • Through the local partner program, you have the opportunity to further increase your income by assisting new hosts in managing their activity.

And What About Minut?

Integrating our Minut solution with Airbnb allows hosts with professional accounts to monitor noise levels in their accommodations and prevent noise disturbances. With our noise detector, hosts can receive alerts via the Airbnb app if the defined decibel threshold is exceeded. Travelers whose details are synchronized between the platform and Minut are also informed by an automatic message of the need to keep the noise down. This service respects their privacy and does not transmit sounds or conversations.

You are now ready to create a professional Airbnb account!

By the way, you're in luck! You're just one click away from learning more about our Minut noise detector for your Airbnb accommodation.