How HUSWELL use Minut to minimize the risk of unauthorized parties while growing their vacation rental portfolio

In this case study, find out how leading property management company HUSWELL use Minut to grow their vacation rental portfolio while minimizing the risk of unauthorized parties.
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January 22, 2024
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How HUSWELL use Minut to minimize the risk of unauthorized parties while growing their vacation rental portfolio

HUSWELL is a property management company that services vacation rentals, bnbs, and apart-hotels. Thanks to their powerful digital tech stack, they minimize the owner’s labor, maximize their revenue, and help bridge the gap between hosts and guests. 

HUSWELL has been using Minut since 2020 as an addition to their digital toolbox, enabling their hosts to add an extra layer of protection to their properties – without any added technical difficulties. Since 2020, HUSWELL’s offering has grown exponentially. They now boast over 700 listings in Belgium and recently expanded to France, Scotland, and Spain.

In this case study, we’ll take a look at three solutions Minut provides property managers at HUSWELL:

  • How Minut helped HUSWELL reach their ‘zero parties in 2023’ goal by attracting the right guests
  • How Minut helps HUSWELL grow their vacation rental portfolio by fostering trust with homeowners
  • How Minut helps HUSWELL enforce no-smoking policies while preserving their profit margins

“We have a policy to install Minut devices in every single listing we manage.” - HUSWELL CEO Jean-Paul Godfroy

The problem: Property managers often struggle with screening guests to prevent parties in their vacation rentals

prevent parties in your vacation rentals

The solution: Displaying your use of a noise monitoring solution on your property listing will help you attract the right guests

Unauthorized parties are the bane of many property managers’ lives. They can be frequent, costly, difficult to detect, and permanently damage your STR business’s reputation. On top of that, unauthorized parties can cost property managers up to $1,620 each year. This number increases for those managing multiple properties or offering listings in party-prone areas. This is why the HUSWELL team chooses to focus on party prevention.

By enabling Minut noise detection in all their properties, the HUSWELL team ensures they are alerted as soon as excessive noise is detected. They also systematically display their use of Minut sensors on their listing advertisements. This both ensures transparency with guests and compliance with rules set out by hosts. This policy resulted in HUSWELL greatly minimizing the occurrence of unauthorized parties in their properties and thus saving thousands of dollars in damage costs to their homeowners. 

The problem: Property managers often look for new ways to bring in new homeowners, foster trust, and grow their vacation rental portfolio

grow your vacation rental portfolio with guest screening

The solution: Minut is a selling point for property managers, fostering trust with homeowners and guaranteeing them a worry-free letting experience

“Mentioning the Minut sensor during meetings with owners sparks a lot of trust and confidence in working with HUSWELL.” - Tom Vanhecke, HUSWELL Marketing Manager

Bringing in new homeowners is all about guaranteeing them a worry-free experience. As many fear the risks that come with unauthorized parties or smoking, providing them with a solid solution can help turn them from leads to customers. At HUSWELL, Minut is advertised to homeowners from the get-go. They are also informed that all noise and cigarette issues will be handled by the HUSWELL team through the Minut solution – so they can take a step back and focus on running their business.

Indeed, Minut is an all-encompassing solution that monitors indoor and outdoor noise, occupancy, motion, temperature, humidity, and cigarette smoke in vacation rentals and hotels worldwide. Operating in over 100 countries, Minut is trusted by property managers worldwide to protect their properties, improve guest experience, and grow their vacation rental portfolios.

From our powerful automations allowing us to reach out to guests on the property manager’s behalf to our real-time monitoring solution and logs, we offer you all the key metrics you need to keep your property safe – in one place. This wide range of data points and solutions provides homeowners with the reassurance they need to choose to trust HUSWELL with their homes. Since they started using Minut sensors, HUSWELL’s portfolio has grown to over 700 properties, a testament to the importance of offering reassurance to homeowners to sign them.

The problem: Property managers can struggle to prove guests have smoked indoors so they can charge them accordingly

Minut cigarette detection

The solution: Minut allows you to enforce your no-smoking policies with solid proof to back up your claims

“I would recommend Minut to every other property manager worldwide.” - HUSWELL CEO Jean-Paul Godfroy 

No monitoring solution will ensure that all problematic guests stay away from your property. However, the right solution will help you minimize risk – and more importantly, respond before any damage is caused. With Minut, HUSWELL has detected multiple unauthorized cigarette smoke incidents in real-time. Their team members were then able to take action, demand the guest stop smoking, charge them for cleaning costs incurred, and retain a sum from their deposit at credit card level. After noise monitoring, Cigarette Detection is HUSWELL’s most used Minut feature. It comes to them at no additional cost and allows them to protect their profit margins.

Minut’s Cigarette detection feature is powered by AI and trained to recognize tobacco particles in the air. It actively fights the risk of false positives – which means the HUSWELL team doesn’t have to worry about being alerted because a guest accidentally burned their dinner! The HUSWELL team can also easily access Minut’s log of all previous ‘cigarette detected’ events via the Minut log, ensuring that they have solid proof to back up their claims against non-compliant guests and keep them away from their premises in the future.

HUSWELL’s CEO Jean-Paul Godfroy would recommend the use of Minut sensors to all hospitality professionals seeking to protect their properties and communities and grow their vacation rental portfolio.

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