Minut launches the world's first outdoor and indoor short-term rental sensor

Find out more about the new generation of Minut, the world's first outdoor and indoor sensor designed for Airbnb hosts and the hospitality industry.
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January 11, 2023
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Minut launches the world's first outdoor and indoor short-term rental sensor

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching the new generation of our award-winning sensor. The new sensor monitors noise both indoors and outdoors in rental properties, helping hosts prevent parties, damage, and neighbor complaints. It also features temperature and humidity tracking, motion detection, automations, and integrations - including Airbnb - providing property managers and owners with important insight while respecting guest privacy and keeping operations lean. The new-generation sensor will feature all the functionalities of the current hardware along with a new outdoor mode that brings Minut’s industry-leading noise monitoring outdoors.

The new generation of Minut is the world’s first native outdoor noise monitoring solution built specifically for the hospitality industry. It’s a standalone, all-in-one sensor, which means that it works on its own as well as in combination with other sensors. The sensor is weatherproof and boasts a new technology called AudioID, which uses Machine Learning to filter out the wind noise around the sensor. This fights false positives and gives property managers data they can really trust.

minut sensor plugged into wall noise monitoring outdoors

Outdoor noise monitoring is our most-requested feature to date, as many guests can be tempted to throw parties in vacation rental backyards, patios, and pool areas. These unauthorized parties often lead to neighbor complaints, property damage, and even STR bans. By monitoring outdoor noise, hosts and property managers can put an end to noise issues before they get out of hand.

The new sensor also works indoors, where it sports all of the features of its predecessor. That includes noise and occupancy monitoring, which helps prevent indoor parties and crowding. Security alarm and motion detection protect rentals between bookings. While temperature and humidity tracking allow for energy savings and greater guest comfort.

minut noise monitoring device indoors

All existing integrations and automations both work indoors and outdoors. This is important, since we’re the only noise monitoring solution on the market that integrates with Airbnb. It means that we will be able to contact your guests about both indoor and outdoor noise directly through Airbnb messages, making noise resolution faster and more seamless. We also integrate with more than 25 other key property management tools, including leading property management systems, smart locks, and smart thermostats.

Since we first released our second generation of hardware in 2018, we’ve added a wide range of functionalities to the sensor. Among new features were guest communication automations, occupancy monitoring, and the Airbnb integration. Similarly, the new-generation sensor will serve as a platform that supports more functionality than we’re ready to announce now. So you can expect the feature set to expand over time and our team is already working on groundbreaking new updates coming this year.

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