Peace and quiet or just quiet? 3 tips for checking the health of your Minut fleet

Minut helps keep your properties safe – but it can only do so if you make sure your sensors are up and running at all times! Here are our best tips to keep an eye on your Minut fleet!
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August 10, 2023
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Peace and quiet or just quiet? 3 tips for checking the health of your Minut fleet

Minut helps keep your properties safe and sound by being your ‘ears on the ground.’ For the service to work, it’s essential to make sure that your sensors are online at all times. Whether you manage a big portfolio or just up to a few rentals, here are some tips to help you keep an eye on your fleet.

1. Check in on your dashboard

When you open the Minut web or mobile app, your dashboard will give you a quick-glance overview of the state of things. By default, it will report on ongoing events for noise, crowd detect, and cigarette smoke detection (if applicable). If there are no events, everything will be green!

Additionally, if there are problems with monitoring certain homes or areas in the homes, two other types of cards might pop up on the dashboard.

Unmonitored homes: These are homes where a sensor has gone offline for some reason. It could be that the battery has run out, the internet connection has been lost, or the sensor has been turned off. Either way, the home or an area in the home is currently not being monitored.

Low battery: These are homes where one or a few sensors show a low battery level, which means they are at risk of becoming unmonitored. Make sure to charge these sensors’ batteries as soon as possible.

If you click on these dashboard cards, you’ll see a list of the affected homes. 

2. Filter your homes and sensors lists

In your homes list, there are filters for viewing all the homes that are unmonitored (either fully or partially), as well as for the homes at risk of becoming unmonitored due to devices having low battery. In addition, you can filter all the homes where there are no sensors at all. Make sure to install devices there, or if the home is not in your portfolio anymore, then remove it from Minut to avoid being billed for it.

To hone in on the status of different sensors, go to your sensors list where you will find useful filter options: low battery as well as offline. Protip: you can also combine these two filters to get a list of sensors that are offline due to low battery. Prioritize charging those and check up on the rest to make sure they’re not switched off and that Wi-Fi is available in the homes so that the sensors can connect. (Find more specific instructions here.)

3. Check in on the problematic homes

Finally, if you navigate to a home displaying issues, you will also get a rundown of the state of things. In this case, we can see a home that is completely unmonitored. 

In this case however, one of several sensors has gone offline and, as a result, one area of the home is no longer monitored.

In this home, the sensor will need to be charged soon.

We hope these tips help you manage your fleet more easily, making sure all your homes are monitored, safe and secure. Happy hosting!