Protecting your property and community from excessive noise with Call Assist and Guard Assist

In this article, we’ll delve into the inner workings of Call Assist and Guard Assist, two Minut services allowing you to get trained operators to phone your guests in case of excessive noise or to send out certified responders to your property to nudge guests to keep the noise down.
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October 5, 2023
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Protecting your property and community from excessive noise with Call Assist and Guard Assist

At Minut, we’ve taken a giant leap towards addressing excessive noise in vacation rentals with both our newly-launched Call Assist and the well-loved-by hosts Guard Assist services. In this article, we’ll delve into the inner workings of both, their impact on the industry, and the collaborative effort required to make the hospitality industry a better place for everyone.

Maintaining a balance between providing memorable experiences for guests and ensuring harmony with the local community has become critical for vacation rental professionals. Noise-related complaints have been a recurring challenge for both hosts and neighbors, prompting the need for efficient solutions.

1. Revolutionizing responses to protect your property:

Recognizing the urgency of noise-related issues, we’ve expanded our repertoire with Call and Guard Assist. With this dynamic duo, hosts can now rely on an even faster response to noise in vacation rentals. Call Assist contacts guests directly to remind them of house rules and the importance of being considerate neighbors. Guard Assist complements this approach by allowing hosts to send out trained responders to their properties when noise persists despite the alerts, to ensure that excessive noise situations are handled swiftly and that the peace is maintained. This combination works for everyone – guests, neighbors, and hosts alike.

2. Navigating strict noise disturbance regulations:

In many countries, noise disturbance regulations governing short-term rentals have become increasingly stringent. The challenge lies in finding a way to ensure a great guest experience while abiding by these regulations to avoid legal repercussions, but also to protect the community at large. With Call Assist, hosts are able to externalize noise interventions, which means that they can protect their communities from excessive noise at all times, and therefore ensure their properties respect noise curfews. 

3. The critical role of a rapid response:

Imagine residing next door to a short-term rental property where the local noise disturbance regulations stipulate a 30-minute response time to noise complaints. This is the reality faced by hosts in places such as Hollywood, Florida. Unfortunately, many hosts do not live in close proximity to their properties. Guard Assist, our partner-powered response service, bridges this gap by providing a trained security team capable of addressing noise issues as soon as they are detected. Once a noise issue has been detected, and if it isn’t solved by a few alerts, trained responders will be sent to the property to remind guests of rules regarding noise in person.

4. A result-oriented property management solution:

The success of the newly-launched Call Assist service speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Users are experiencing a significant reduction in noise-related complaints, resulting in better relationships with their neighbors and heightened guest satisfaction. The service's availability round-the-clock ensures that guests are held accountable for their behavior, fostering a greater sense of responsibility, and making hosts using Call Assist better neighbors. 

5. Embracing regulations for a sustainable future:

While noise disturbance regulations can initially seem restrictive, they serve as a cornerstone for a sustainable short-term rental community. Rather than viewing regulations as obstacles, they can be seen as catalysts for collaboration and innovation. With Call Assist and Guard Assist, we’re not only helping you protect your property but also helping make the hospitality industry a better place for everyone.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve and as regulations tighten, it's important for hosts to embrace new technologies allowing them to protect their businesses and communities and help solve the growing issue of noise in vacation rentals.

To add an extra layer of protection to your vacation rental property, register to Call Assist now!