Show your neighbors and guests you care as an Airbnb host

This Valentine's Day, let us be your co-host, and show your home, guests and neighbors that you care.
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February 14, 2022
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Show your neighbors and guests you care as an Airbnb host

Hosting is ultimately all about people. To succeed, you need to nurture your relationships with guests and neighbors. Here’s how you can show your community you care, and make every day Valentine's Day.

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Show your neighbors you care

Your relationship with neighbors can make or break your business. At their best, neighbors can be a friendly face to your guests, and a helping hand to you in emergencies. But for that to happen, you need to respect them and their peace and quiet. Otherwise, what starts out as neighbor complaints can end in fines from the council and even STR bans.

So how can you make sure your guests don’t disturb your neighbors? Install a Minut. We monitor noise and occupancy so you’ll be the first to know if there’s a party kicking off in your rental.  We can also send a text message or give your guests an automated phone call when we detect noise. That way, you can make sure all issues are taken care of, quickly and efficiently.

When done right, short-term rental enriches the community by bringing in business and fostering cultural interchange. With Minut, you can host responsibly and be a positive change in your neighborhood, not a nuisance. 

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Spoil your guests with care

As a host, you want to make your guests feel at home in your rental property. To most, it means picking out the most comfortable mattress and always leaving your kitchen fully-stocked. To us, it also means making sure that check-in goes smoothly and respecting guest privacy.

Some hosts resort to cameras when they’re worried about parties disturbing their neighbors. But neighbors’ peace (and host’s peace of mind) shouldn’t come at the cost of guest privacy. When you choose Minut, you choose a device that was built for privacy and a team that cares about your guests.

We can help you make sure your guests have a wonderful stay with our scheduled messaging feature. Minut can share your smart lock code with your guests, welcome them when they arrive and remind them how to check out when they’re about to leave.

We can also help you care for your guests’ comfort with temperature and humidity tracking. We’ll let you know immediately when the temperature (or humidity) rises above or falls below your threshold. Or if we detect mold risk. We listen out for emergencies too, should fire or CO alarm sound. So you can rest assured your guests are always safe and comfortable in your home.

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Show your home some extra love

Minut can help you care for your guests and neighbors… and also your home! We can keep your home safe from party damage and overcrowding. We will also help you keep it healthy (look out for mold risk, keep pipes from freezing).

You’ll be able to keep an eye on your home’s safety even when you're not around. We will let you know if other alarms  - such as fire or CO - go off. And you can turn our security alarm on when the rental is vacant, so that the siren sounds if we detect unexpected motion (you’ll get a notification too). 

On top of that, we’ll free up some of your time with our automated guest communication solutions - so that you can keep improving your home and growing your business.

So whether you’re hosting on Airbnb, VRBO, or focusing on direct bookings, let us be your co-host, and show your home, guests and neighbors that you care.

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