Smart tech in short and mid-term rentals: Why Texas-based Lodgeur chose Minut for home monitoring – and saved thousands in the process

In this case study, find out why Texas-based host Lodgeur chose Minut as their solution for home monitoring and how they saved thousands in the process.
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October 10, 2023
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Smart tech in short and mid-term rentals: Why Texas-based Lodgeur chose Minut for home monitoring – and saved thousands in the process

Lodgeur is a Texas-based host providing flexible furnished housing for short and mid-term rental periods in the cities of Houston and Austin. They’ve recently started using Minut sensors in their rental properties to better manage risk, hone in on guest experience, and grapple with the ever-growing need for smart tech and security in short and mid-term rentals. 

The best all-in-one noise monitoring solution on the market 

Security lies at the core of Lodgeur’s values. Through their four-step Responsible Hospitality program, they use smart tech to deter, screen, protect, and monitor their homes to ensure only responsible guests enjoy the services they provide. Monitoring a mid or short-term rental property encompasses a lot more than simply detecting excessive decibel levels – and this is why the Lodgeur team chose Minut as their all-in-one monitoring solution. 

Lodgeur interface deterring bad guests

Minut sensors allow the Lodgeur team to monitor noise, occupancy, temperature, humidity, and cigarette smoke in their rentals. Through the Minut app, notifications are sent out automatically to the Lodgeur team and their guests to ensure that excessive noise situations are handled swiftly and that their rental property and community remain protected at all times. The Lodgeur team particularly appreciated Minut’s unparalleled installation time. Their first 36 Minut sensors were installed in just one afternoon and without the need for any technical help. This saved them both time and resources as they took a step towards making their short and mid-term rental properties more secure. Thanks to Minut’s mold detection feature, the Lodgeur team also saves an average of $500 to $1500 per mold-related incident.

“It’s exciting to see the evolution of the sensor’s capabilities, like the recently launched smoking detection. We can’t wait to see what’s next!” - The Lodgeur Team

Reconciling smart tech and care to cater to hosts and guests

smart tech hosts and guests

At Minut, we also understand that caring goes both ways. This is why we provide hosts with the tools they need to protect their properties while respecting guest privacy and enhancing guest experience. Lodgeur have made Minut sensors a core part of their offering and clearly display the sensors on all their listings to offer guests full transparency. On rare occasions, this has led to last-minute cancellations – which the Lodgeur team approaches as a blessing in disguise. Guests being put off by privacy-safe noise monitoring or cigarette detection would probably have turned out to be bad actors. Deterring them is an essential part of the company’s Responsible Hospitality program.

“We have had a handful of noise complaints, however, we can use the noise monitoring logs to show that our guests were not the ones making excessive noise.” The Lodgeur Team

When noise complaints are made, the Minut app’s intuitive log screen allows the Lodgeur team to determine – and prove – whether excessive noise was generated by their guests. This helps them avoid unnecessary costs, as complaints can sometimes mistakenly be directed towards the wrong property. The same goes for cigarette detection. Smart tech tools such as the Minut sensor can not only broaden the range of variables you can monitor in your rentals, but they can also help you keep track of all previous events so you have the keys you need to keep problematic guests away from your premises in the future.

“Every responsible host should use Minut or similar monitoring tools to protect their properties and be good neighbors.” The Lodgeur Team

Through a single device and subscription, the Lodgeur team is able to monitor multiple variables in their rentals to double down on guest experience and save on property damage costs. The newly-launched Cigarette detection feature is one that they are particularly enthusiastic about, as it could help them save about $1,600 per cigarette-related property damage claim.