We’re Launching Minut Response Partners for Fully-Automated Noise Control

Minut Response Partners can now send certified responders to check on excessive noise in your short-term rental.
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March 3, 2022
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We’re Launching Minut Response Partners for Fully-Automated Noise Control

If you’re a property manager in the UK, we have some great news for you. We’re launching Minut Response Partners: a fully-automated noise control solution. Our partners will now be able to send responders to check on noise in your short-term rental.

This is the first truly automated solution on the market (some might even call it groundbreaking 🙂) and it will take care of all your noise problems, including the most persistent ones. Click here to activate, or read on to learn more.

Smartphone with Minut UI showing Responder sent

How does it work?

Minut Response Partners works best in combination with our Guest Connect feature. 

Imagine there’s noise in your property. It’s been going on for 5 to 15min (the exact time is whatever you’ve set your noise duration to). That’s when Minut sends you the first alert and messages your guests. Or we can give your guests an automated phone call too, if you prefer.

Most of the time, the noise will go down right after the first or second warning. If that's the case, Minut will send you a confirmation that the problem has been solved. But sometimes, the guests might miss the messages and the noise will still continue 20 minutes after the first alert. That's when responders come in to help.

Responders will head over to your rental to check on your home and your guests. They will resolve the issue and even send you a report afterwards!

Find out more here. 

A host on her phone at night receiving a notification from Minut that a Responder has been sent

Who are the responders?

We like to think of responders as the experts in friendly conflict resolution. They’re certified security staff with years of experience under their belts.

Our partner, Keyholding, is accredited by the National Security Inspectorate to gold standard and holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding services.

Where is it available?

After a successful trial in London, we’re rolling out Minut Response Partners all across the UK. We are also actively planning a global rollout - so if you’d like to see Response Partners in your area, let us know.

How do I sign up?

If you’re based in the UK, you can try Minut Response Partners for free. Sign up to our 30-day trial today!

For other questions, check out our Help Center.

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