Celebrating the Minut women's achievements

Minut has grown its female workforce by 400% for the past year and would like to celebrate the Minut women's achievements for #IWD2020.
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March 7, 2020
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Celebrating the Minut women's achievements

At Minut we recognize the value of a diverse workforce and want to promote a gender-inclusive work environment every day of the year. We are very proud of having grown our female workforce by 400% this past year, and will continue to promote more women joining us as well as joining the tech industry.

We’ve had an eventful year and are so proud of the amazing achievements our female coworkers have accomplished, everything from heading up an entire sales team, hiring our first senior female developer, holding keynote speeches and traveling the world to attend trade shows and promote Minut around the globe.

For International Women's Day this Sunday we would like to give an extra big shout out and celebrate the Minut women's achievements for the past year.

Kate (Head of Sales) has headed up the sales team, developed new accounts, set up retailer and distributor partnerships and has helped develop the comms department.

Emelie (Senior Engineer) does a great job in building apps and bringing out the user perspective when she develops everything from iOS, Android and the backend.

Eileen (Digital Designer) has created the visual identity for Minut and is constantly designing new beautiful visuals for our web design, dashboard application and social media assets.

My (Team Leader Customer Support) is leading our support superstars and making sure all our current and potential customers are receiving quick and efficient help with any and every query they may have.

Hannah (Account Manager) is the Minut demo hero, constantly delivering successful demos to potential customers. Hannah will also be one of the keynote speakers at the biggest Short term rental trade show in London.

Caroline (Account Manager) has worked seamlessly between sales and business development, leading key presentations, doing research work, and driving our partnerships forward.

Wiktoria (Sales Executive) recently joined Minut and is focusing on distributor and retail sales, working on many exciting new initiatives already.

Natalia (Support Superstar) is happily helping customers with everything from technical issues to questions about pricing and features, and is always happy to take on new challenges.

Ellinor (Engineer/Operations) is wearing many hats, developing code one day and finding solutions to difficult HR questions the next one. An invaluable resource for Minut and the very first female hire in the product team.

Viktoria (Marketing Manager) is making sure comms run smoothly and that the Minut name gets published in the press

Happy International Women’s Day! (this Sunday and every day of the year) #IWD2020