Sharing is caring: how Minut makes home-sharing work for everyone

At Minut, we believe that sharing is caring. Here's how we make home-sharing work for everyone, from making your guests feel at home to creating a better experience for neighbors.
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February 13, 2023
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Sharing is caring: how Minut makes home-sharing work for everyone

At Minut, our mission is to make sharing work for everyone – from guests to hosts and neighbors. The short-term rental industry is booming, with Airbnb having become many travelers’ favorite way of booking an accommodation. But neighborhood complaints caused by unauthorized parties have made it difficult for communities to live in harmony with short-term rental accommodations in various cities and towns. How can we make sure both hosts and guests share their travel experience while respecting each other – and without guests’ privacy being compromised?  

This Valentine’s day, we’d like to share our best tips on making home-sharing a better experience for all parties involved. Let’s get started!

Make your guests feel at home

Making your guests feel at home in your rental starts with showing them care – from sending them a personalized greeting message to making the rental feel warm and welcoming.

With automated check-ins enabled by our integration with Airbnb, you can smoothly send out welcome messages to your guests. This way, they can receive booking and check-in information directly to their mobile  – without you as a host having to lift a finger! Ease is at the core of a great booking experience, and this is why we believe in making the guest experience as smooth and effortless as possible.

Most guests are wary of recent phenomena involving hosts utilizing undisclosed monitoring devices within their rentals. The “hidden camera epidemic” has hit the short-term rental market hard, and hosts are struggling to monitor their rentals without infringing on their guests’ privacy. With Minut, you can monitor noise and occupancy inside and outside without ever recording sounds or filming your guests. This way, you can ensure your guests feel at home and that their privacy is being respected in your rental while you protect it from potential loud noise and damage. Caring goes both ways.

For 78% of guests, environmental factors are key to booking an accommodation. Being a better neighbor, after all, is also about being a better inhabitant of the Earth, the home that we all share. With Minut’s temperature control feature through the Tado integration, you can easily monitor heat or AC within your rental home to ensure that your energy costs are in control while respecting the environment. 

Create a better experience for neighbors

Neighbors are often the collateral victims of poorly-monitored short-term rentals. Protecting your home isn’t simply about reducing damage costs – although it is crucial – but also about sharing space with your community responsibly. Noise complaints can really affect the quality of life of your entire community, and reducing them has become a priority for many hosts. 

With Minut, 100% of noise issues can be solved within 20 minutes – whether they occur indoors or outdoors. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to filter out irrelevant sounds such as the wind with our new feature called AudioID, to alert hosts and guests when decibel levels go above the pre-set threshold inside or outside. With short-term rental bans becoming more and more common, ensuring that neighbors don’t suffer from the consequences of unauthorized parties is key to growing your business and the hospitality industry.

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