22 Vacation rental amenities to maximize occupancy rates & repeat guests

Discover how to elevate your vacation rental experience with personalized gifts, smart home tech, and luxury amenities that exceed guest expectations and secure repeat bookings.
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April 25, 2024
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22 Vacation rental amenities to maximize occupancy rates & repeat guests

There are currently over 7.7 million active listings on Airbnb. 

As a property manager or homeowner, it's clear you need to stay competitive—and what is the #1 thing guests look for when browsing for their next vacation rental? Amenities. 

In this article, we'll explore a range of amenities guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. From the basics, like soft furnishings and toilet roll to personalized welcome gifts and spa-like bathroom experiences, each suggestion is handpicked to elevate your guests' stay and drive those all-important repeat bookings. 

So, whether you're a seasoned host or just starting out, read on for inspiration and insights to take your vacation rental to the next level.

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Essential amenities that guests expect in vacation rentals

Meeting your guests’ expectations is a necessity if you want to stay competitive. 

In this next section, we’ve listed some of the essential amenities that ensure a baseline of comfort and convenience. 

Let's dive into what your guests are looking for:

1. Self check-in

With the growing preference for contactless operations, self check-in has become a staple in vacation rental experiences. Integration with scheduled messaging and smart lock technology is the best way to build a seamless guest experience while ensuring your guests feel safe and looked after.

2. Fast and stable Wi-Fi

If you want to compete against hotels, you need reliable Wi-Fi. It’s now a non-negotiable amenity, and this importance has only been amplified by digital nomads and business travelers. 

Being transparent about your Wi-Fi speed and ensuring your device has optimal placement, will help minimize any negative reviews and ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout the stay.

3. Local information and recommendations

Enriching the vacation experience goes beyond the property itself. Provide a guidebook or digital resources on local attractions, dining options, and essential services to help your guests explore and enjoy the destination fully.

4. Fully equipped kitchen

The kitchen serves as the heart of any vacation rental. However, it’s important to remember that what’s intuitive to one person may not be intuitive to another. 

Clear instructions within scheduled messaging or digital guides will help prevent your guests from contacting you with how-to questions, and the forethought will further enhance the guest experience. 

Consider including:

  • Coffee Maker (with coffee and filters)
  • Tea Kettle (with tea bags)
  • Dishwasher (with dishwasher detergent)
  • Garbage and Recycling Bins
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Oven and Stove
  • Refrigerator (with freezer)
  • Dining Area (table and chairs)
  • Cooking Utensils (pots, pans, knives, spatulas)
  • Dishware and Silverware
  • Glassware (cups, wine glasses)
  • Cutting Board

5. Living room

The living room serves as a central gathering space and plays a crucial role in your property's marketing imagery. You should consider:

  • Furniture: Opt for comfortable, durable seating like sofas and armchairs that accommodate various group sizes. Choose materials that are easy to clean, and consider vegan-friendly options.
  • Entertainment: Install a smart TV equipped with streaming services, along with a selection of board games and books to cater to diverse guest preferences.

6. Bedding

Quality bedding is essential for a good night's sleep. Make sure you have:

  • Invested in high-quality sheets: Options such as Egyptian cotton or bamboo are known for their softness and breathability. You should also consider the thread count of sheets, and adapt based on the season or climate.
  • A comfortable mattress: If your guest is getting away from their day-to-day life, the chances are they’re hoping for a great night’s sleep. Investing in a comfortable good-quality mattress like memory foam or a hybrid mattress will help drive reviews and satisfaction.
  • Hypoallergenic pillows: Hypoallergenic pillows make very little difference to prices, but the world of difference for added comfort and convenience to those who suffer from allergies.

7. Bathroom essentials

Enhance the guest experience with premium bathroom essentials, including high-quality towels, toiletries, and perhaps luxury bath products. 

Providing these amenities adds a touch of luxury and comfort to the guest's stay, and if you include images of them within your property listing, it’s a great indication of the level of quality and care that you provide.

8. Laundry facilities

Having access to laundry facilities eliminates the need for guests to seek out external services, adding convenience and value to their experience. They will also be particularly appreciated by digital nomads and families who may need to refresh their clothing during their stay.

9. Safety features 

Ensure the safety of your guests with essential safety features, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits. These features are not just additional perks but are fundamental to providing a secure and comfortable stay for your guests. 

💡Pro tip: Investing in party prevention monitors like Minut takes guest safety and security a step further. Features such as cigarette smoke detectors, noise monitors, and occupancy monitors keep hosts informed on their property no matter where they are while ensuring guests aren’t wrongly accused of damaging the property.

10. Air conditioning and heating

Before guests arrive, it's crucial to adjust the air conditioning and heating settings to guarantee immediate comfort upon arrival. 

Additionally, monitoring your property’s temperature between stays can help manage energy expenses without compromising guest comfort. Minut's indoor climate feature keeps hosts updated and sends real-time alerts if their property is at a high-risk temperature or humidity level.

11. Accessibility features

Consider the importance of wheelchair accessibility and provide detailed property plans with measurements in your listings. You create a welcoming environment for all by accommodating guests with diverse needs.

12. Basic cleaning supplies

Easy access to cleaning tools empowers guests to maintain cleanliness independently, reducing the need for constant contact with hosts. For added convenience, consider providing essentials such as brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners.

13. Iron and ironing board

Essential for all guest types, an iron and ironing board ensures guests can keep their clothes neat and wrinkle-free during their stay.

14. Workspace

The demand for work-friendly spaces in vacation rentals is on the rise. Consider creating a dedicated workspace equipped with a comfortable desk, ergonomic chair, and ample lighting. 

Optional additions like a printer, basic office supplies, and a quiet environment for video calls enhance the guest experience, catering to remote workers and business travelers alike.

15. Pet-friendly options

Accommodating pets can significantly influence a guest's booking decision. Provide pet essentials such as bowls, pet beds, and complimentary treats to ensure a comfortable stay for furry companions. 

Consider going the extra mile by offering information on local pet-friendly amenities.

16. Baby/child-friendly amenities

Cater to families with small children by offering amenities such as a crib, high chair, baby gate, child-proofing measures, and a selection of toys or books. Creating a child-friendly environment enhances the overall family experience and encourages repeat bookings.

17. Outdoor spaces

Outdoor areas play a crucial role in enhancing the overall appeal of your vacation rental. While they offer relaxation and recreation opportunities, addressing potential noise issues is essential. Using an outdoor noise monitoring system will help create a peaceful stay for all guests, and keep your community happy. 

You should also provide durable and weather-resistant furniture and consider amenities like barbecues, fire pits, and ambient lighting to elevate the outdoor experience for guests.

Amenities that guests love and create customer delight

So you’re already meeting guest expectations, but now it’s time to take things a step further. 

Going above and beyond for your guests is how you create memorable experiences, leave a lasting impression, and gain positive reviews. Let's explore some amenities that will help you create moments of delight for your guests:

18. Personalized welcome gifts

Imagine the joy on a guest's face when they enter their vacation rental to find a thoughtful, personalized welcome gift waiting for them. 

Tailoring small gifts to the guest's preferences or the purpose of their stay, such as local delicacies, hand-written notes, or a bottle of wine from a nearby vineyard, can create a positive lasting impression throughout their stay.

19. Gourmet coffee experience

For many guests, a premium coffee experience can set the tone for a perfect morning or an afternoon pick-me-up. Consider offering a high-quality espresso machine or a selection of locally sourced coffee beans. 

Enhance the experience with complementary accessories like a coffee grinder, flavored syrups, and specialty creams.

20. Spa-quality bathroom amenities

Luxury bathroom products can transform an ordinary shower or bath into a spa-like experience. Stocking bathrooms with high-end toiletries, plush robes, and spa slippers add a touch of indulgence to the guest's stay. If you’re able, having features like rainfall showerheads and jacuzzi tubs will help drive bookings for their extra level of luxury.

21. Smart home devices

Enhance the guest experience by embracing the convenience and modern appeal of smart home technology. Devices like smart thermostats, voice-controlled assistants, and smart lighting systems empower guests to customize their environment for optimal comfort and ease.

22. Fitness and wellness amenities

A small home gym equipped with essential fitness equipment, weights, yoga mats, and mirrored walls provides convenience and comfort. Alternatively, provide passes or discounts to a nearby gym or yoga studio for added flexibility.

By incorporating these amenities into your vacation rental, you can exceed guest expectations and create unforgettable experiences that lead to glowing reviews and repeat visits.

Vacation rental amenities will make or break your guests’ experience

Amenities are vital in setting your property apart from the competition. By prioritizing guest satisfaction and embracing modern trends, you'll not only increase occupancy rates but also cultivate a loyal customer base.

It’s important to remember that amenities are an investment, which means the safety and security of your home should be a priority. Minut enables property managers around the world to monitor their guest occupancy, check noise levels, detect cigarette smoke detection, and even measure the temperature and humidity of their property. Get real-time information straight to your phone, so you can rest easy, knowing your property and facilities are being looked after. 

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