Avantio integration

Avantio's vacation rental software maximizes the profitability of your vacation rental business and makes scaling a breeze



Avantio offers a comprehensive Vacation Rental Software solution, seamlessly integrating essential tools like our Property Management System (PMS), Channel Manager, booking-engine websites, and digital marketing tools. The integration between Minut and your PMS will allow you to sync your Minut properties with your PMS guest data. If loud noise is detected at a property, the guest will automatically receive a message, letting them know to keep it down.

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Key features

  • Proactive Property Monitoring: With integration, Minut uses Avantio data to set up automated noise and occupancy alerts, helping hosts maintain property rules.
  • Improved Guest Experience: By combining Avantio's property management with Minut's smart sensors, hosts can offer guests a safer, more seamless stay with features like automated check-ins and noise monitoring.

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