Minut Reviews: Product Insights for Fast-Growing STR Businesses

A comprehensive guide for rental property managers on Minut’s industry-leading noise, occupancy, and smoke detector devices.
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February 1, 2024
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Minut Reviews: Product Insights for Fast-Growing STR Businesses

Did you know that unauthorized parties and smoking at vacation rental properties can cost hosts more than $1,200 per year in damage? And that’s without the damage to your reputation and business if neighbors complain, you breach local noise nuisance laws—or worse.

But it’s impossible to keep watch over your guests and properties 24/7, even if you hire an assistant or security guard. You can remind guests of your house rules a thousand times, but that’s still no guarantee. And what if something happens? You don’t want a messy confrontation or more issues.

But short of spying on guests (illegal) or putting them off with security cameras in common areas (problematic), what can you do to protect your rentals? Harness the power of smart tech and constant customer support that doesn’t infringe on privacy.

And Minut specializes in exactly that. Its discreet devices and services work for you 24/7, so you can stop worrying about unauthorized parties or their cost, and rest easy, staying focused on rental success.

Minut: Much more than a noise monitor

A split view of the Minut app view, and monitor installed on a wall
Minut’s device is discreet—but offers powerful and effective monitoring.

Minut made its name in the short-term rental market with its noise sensor, but its services go far beyond that. Its discreet, slimline devices are an all-in-one, and include:

  • Noise monitoring with continued decibel tracking (that works both inside and out)
  • Occupancy monitoring via smartphone connections
  • Cigarette smoke notifications using smoke particle detection

Plus, Minut is more than just a device on a wall. 

With Call Assist and Guard Assist, trained staff can contact guests so you don’t need to start texting guests at 3am, or even think about driving over to de-escalate the situation yourself.

Installation and recharging are simple too, with minimum maintenance required, and the system works whether you have 20 properties or 200—perfect for property managers with growing portfolios. Let’s take a closer look.

Make Minut part of your digital toolbox as you grow—just like property management company HUSWELL. Since starting with Minut in 2020, the company has expanded to 700 listings across Belgium, France, Scotland, and Spain, without any technical issues.

And with Minut, they achieved their “zero parties in 2023” goal, as well as enforcing no-smoking policies.
Their CEO now says it’s a “policy to install Minut in every single listing”. Not bad for one little device. 

Read how they did it here.

Minut: Powerful features in a single device

Here’s how Minut helps you to monitor, manage, and secure your rentals—without you needing to be online or present 24/7.

Noise monitoring

A view of the Minut device installed on a terrace roof
Minut’s noise and occupancy monitoring even works outside (pool parties can’t escape!)

Airbnb may have officially banned parties from its properties, but responsible hosts will still want to keep ‘an ear out’ at their rentals to ensure guests refrain from loud music, or disruptive gatherings.

Minut’s noise monitoring device detects any noise above a certain threshold for too long, without infringing guest privacy. You can even set your own threshold and ‘Quiet Hours’ depending on your location and house rules. 

Noise monitoring doesn’t listen in or record, nor will it alert you to one-off noise—so it won’t let you know about an accidental door slam…but it will send a text if loud music has been playing for longer than your customized threshold. 

Pool parties are no exception: Minut even works outdoors! Its AI system controls for wind interference and other outdoor noise, so you know that when you get an alert, it’s genuine.

Minut then auto-sends guests a polite reminder of your rules and gives them a chance to turn it down. If the problem persists, you can choose to take further action before the neighbors complain or you violate any local noise laws.

Occupancy monitoring

A view of Minut’s app alerts for crowds and noise
Minut automatically sends alerts if there are too many people via the Crowd Detect system.

Minut’s occupancy monitor is similar to its noise monitor in that it doesn’t record, or broadcast—but it does let you know if a crowd is gathering and your rental is hosting many more people than agreed.

By counting the number of mobile devices connected to the router, Crowd Detect will alert you if a gathering starts to develop at your properties. 

If an issue occurs, Minut can automate a message, you can utilize Call Assist or Guard Assist, or you can choose to manage the problem yourself.

Cigarette smoke detection 

A view of Minut’s device detecting cigarette smoke
Minut can detect cigarette smoke particles so it won’t alert you about accidental burnt toast.

No smoking in your rental? Minut’s cigarette smoke detection will help keep it that way. 

And because the device monitors cigarette smoke particles in your property, it won’t go off if guests accidentally burn toast. You can also keep a log of all previous smoking detection, so you can track guest behavior if they continually break the rules.

That way, you can message guests to remind them of your policies, and choose to take action (for example, charging them for cigarette smoke deep-cleaning) so your property stays clean and protected.

Automated messaging

A graphic of Minut detecting 10 minutes of noise and sending an automated warning
You can set up Minut so it will send automated messages in case of any alerts.

Minut’s noise and occupancy monitors don’t need you to be attached to your phone 24/7, just in case an alert comes through.

Instead, the Guest Connect system automatically messages guests when thresholds are breached, so you can sort out the problem without getting involved personally.

You can pre-write text messages and/or automated phone calls via Autocall, and even set up flashing and sound alerts to let guests know that thresholds have been breached for too long. Minut can even alert you automatically if someone tries to tamper with its devices.

Tackle excessive noise and quell unauthorized parties with ease with Minut, just like Florida-based property management company StellarDweller. 

With 80 properties in sunny Destin, they rely on Guest Connect to contact guests in case of excessive noise or occupancy, giving the team peace of mind 24/7, and ensuring the company complies with the city’s strict noise regulations indoors and out. 

Learn more and see how here.

Call Assist and Guard Assist

In the vast majority of cases (94%), a simple, friendly text message reminding your guests to keep the noise down works within 15 minutes. And if it doesn’t? You still don’t need to get involved personally. 

Call Assist

A graphic of a trained Minut Call Assist caller phoning a guest
Minut’s Call Assist system will call guests for you, at any time of day or night.

Whether you’re too busy to call, have too many properties to track manually, it’s the middle of the night where you are, or you hate confrontation, Minut can step in with Call Assist.

This is a team of specialists trained in conflict resolution that calls your guests to ask them to turn it down, at any time of day. As Tom, a Call Assist user, states: “Since installing our Minut sensors I have seen a huge reduction in noise complaints in general. I never have to worry about contacting guests in the middle of the night again.”

Call Assist currently available in English and French, but more languages are set to come soon.

Guard Assist

A view of a Guard Assist partner responder arriving at a rental property
Guard Assist will send a trusted responder to your rental to check if needs be.

And if even that doesn’t solve the problem, Minut doesn’t stop there. Guard Assist connects your rental to a professional security company that can step in to help in case the situation escalates.

Vetted, experienced guards—again, trained in peaceful conflict resolution—will arrive on-site, and you’ll get regular updates on what’s happening. 

Between Call Assist and Guard Assist, you’ll dramatically reduce the risk of any damage to your rental, your business reputation, and your guest-host relationship—without you having to be on alert or your team having to directly manage any conflict.

Call Assist and Guard Assist are both perfect for a growing business too, as they work whether you have two or 20 properties on your books.

Global accommodations brand Kasa trusts Minut sensors to monitor its international, industry-leading properties remotely. 

It worked with Minut as a “true, forward-thinking partner,” and enjoyed how easy it was to install devices across all units. Follow Kasa's lead, and make Minut a vital part of delivering a fully-automated guest experience.

Learn more.

How to install, charge, and maintain Minut

You know what they say about the best-laid plans. Technology sounds great, until it proves more complicated than it’s worth, requires a PhD to install, or breaks down every five minutes. Not Minut. 

A view of the simple installation process for Minut.
First, take off the magnetic mounting plate and charge. Then, download the app and install.

It’s simple to install, and designed to be as easy as possible to maintain. Here’s how:

  1. Charge. Charge your sensor via USB-C by removing the magnetic mounting plate and the cover from the charging point before plugging in. It takes 1-4 hours for a full charge, and has a battery life that lasts a year (yes, you read that right.)
  2. Download the app. Choose iOS or Android. Create your account and log in. Tap ‘+’ in the top right corner to start the installation process, including connecting to Wi-Fi. It does not require Bluetooth.
  3. Install. Peel off the sticker on the back of the mounting plate, and mount to the ceiling or wall. You can also plug it into your power outlet if you prefer not to charge.

Indoors, the best place for your Minut is the living room, especially if your rental is small. For larger properties, you may wish to use several devices in areas where guests will congregate.

Outdoors, we recommend installing it near a deck or a pool area, away from direct sunlight, 20-50 cm above the ground, and away from AC units or other noisy tech. This will protect it from rain and other damage.

Minut will also let you know if someone tries to tamper with it (for example, if they press the button, or remove the sensor from its mounting plate) for extra security. It’s that simple.

Minut: Small device, big peace of mind

Don’t let your rental become another statistic. Simplify the guest and host experience with Minut, and never waste another moment worrying about unauthorized parties, excessive noise, neighbor complaints, or typing frantic texts to guests at 3am.

Plus, give reputable guests the peace of mind they deserve that their home is safe, secure, and protected—with a responsible host who cares for their property and experience, and won’t check up on them every five minutes.

Rental hosts and managers rely on Minut to monitor noise, keep track of occupancy, and detect damaging smoke, and automate messaging, all without infringing on guest privacy or having someone nearby 24/7.

And Minut plans start at just $10 per month (or $120 per year), compared to the $1,200 that parties can cost. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.