Minut vs NoiseAware: Which Solution is Best for Your Vacation Rental Property

Use this comprehensive breakdown to see which tool, Minut or NoiseAware, will best help you protect your STR properties and scale your business.
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November 17, 2023
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Minut vs NoiseAware: Which Solution is Best for Your Vacation Rental Property

Minut and NoiseAware are both leading noise and occupancy monitors for short-term rentals (STRs). However, they have important differences in their functionality and, therefore, how they can benefit your guests, homeowners, and business.

As a result, the choice you make between Minut and NoiseAware could impact your star ratings, your everyday management tasks, and even your ability to sustainably grow your portfolio—not to mention the safety of your properties.

With these concerns in mind, this article will: 

  • Look at Minut and NoiseAware’s devices and platforms
  • Explain how they can reduce your workload
  • Summarize how they differ in outdoor monitoring
  • Walk through the additional features and services that Minut provides
  • Discuss how these impact the guest experience and your ability to scale operations

With the following breakdown of Minut and NoiseAware’s solutions, you’ll be ready to decide which one will best protect your STR properties and support your business growth.

Minut: The all-in-one home protection solution

 Minut dashboard
With features like crowd, cigarette smoke, and window break detection, Minut is far more than a noise monitor.

Minut is a tech company whose solution for vacation rental protection is a standalone device with a huge range of features. 

These include cigarette smoke detection, crowd detection, mold risk analysis, and automated guest messaging, plus integrations with Airbnb, 20+ property management systems (PMS), smart locks, and Zapier. 

So, Minut isn’t only a noise monitor. It’s a complete home protection system that gives you visibility across your entire portfolio, simplifies how you communicate with guests, and provides additional services so you can manage your STR properties remotely.

The monitoring device itself can be plugged into an outlet or run on batteries, sending you alerts when those batteries need recharging (which is normally around every 12 months). Also, the Minut device can be used outdoors by virtue of its unique AudioID feature, which filters out background noise like wind—so you’ll never get an alert unless there are actually noise issues with guests.

"Minut really helps me schedule my day and make the best use of my time. The extra protection the temperature and humidity feature offers, especially in winter, is a really great feature that helps us keep our properties out of trouble if there is a power or heating failure.” Erin McBean, igloo.scot Director
Four images of the Minut device.
Minut’s standalone device is extremely versatile, covers approximately 70 m² (753 ft²), and has a motion detection range of approximately 25 m² (269 ft²). Source

As a vacation rental noise monitor, Minut is guest-privacy safe, highly customizable, and automated. You can adjust decibel limits in the app by unit and time of day, then sit back and let the noise sensor and guest messaging system do its work. If excessive noise is detected, you’ll receive an automated notification, and your guests will be messaged with a request to keep the noise down.

If noise levels persist, you can make use of Minut’s Call Assist and Guard Assist services. Here, trained operators will manage the issue for you by phone or, if necessary, in person. This saves you and your team from any potential confrontations and means you won’t ever need to take care of a problem if it’s the middle of the night or you’re not available.

“We have had a handful of noise complaints, however, we can use the noise monitoring logs to show that our guests were not the ones making excessive noise.” The Lodgeur Team
Minut’s mobile alerts.
Minut provides you with real-time monitoring of your properties, a historical log of events, and automated alerts should any issues arise. Source

With window break detection, a motion-activated alarm, alarm detection (for example, to alert you if your fire alarm sounds) and temperature and humidity monitoring, you’ll also know your units are safe while they’re vacant. So, you can reassure homeowners that you’re really looking after their properties—not just with smoke detection and crowd monitoring, but with features to guard against break-ins, burst pipes, and mold. 

“Adding these extra measures to keep my apartment safe and secure gives me a lot of peace of mind.” Laura, homeowner

Feature highlights

  • Privacy-safe noise and occupancy monitoring
  • Cigarette smoke detection
  • Outdoor monitoring with AudioID
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Mold risk analysis
  • Motion-detection alarm
  • Window break detection
  • Device tamper detection
  • Automated notifications 
  • Automated guest messaging
  • Scheduled guest messaging
  • Call Assist and Guard Assist services
  • Web and mobile app
  • Historical logs of noise, occupancy, and smoking events
  • Multiple integrations including Airbnb and PMSs
  • API for custom integrations
  • USB-C charging and rechargeable batteries
  • Battery recharge notifications

What makes Minut different

Minut’s enormous range of home protection features make it unique in the noise monitoring space. And, since it integrates with Airbnb and 20+ PMS, it helps you minimize manual guest messaging while improving the guest experience.

For example, Minut can connect with your booking calendar and smart locks to automate messages to provide guests with information about their stay, like arrival and parking details, access codes, and WiFi passwords.

Plus, Minut software can be updated remotely, meaning the devices improve their functionality over time.

Here’s Minut’s CEO, Nils Mattisson, talking through the cigarette detection feature that was added to new devices in 2023:

What Minut customers say

“Minut is so much more than a noise monitor, it detects motion, cigarette smoke and mould. 100% recommend for home airbnb rentals” Frances, New Zealand

“We switched from NoiseAware to Minut, and we love it! It has been a lot easier to take care of, and honestly, they are more discreet. With NoiseAware, we were having repetitive problems with them randomly going off. But, nothing like that yet with Minut!” KiKi Wood, Indianapolis, IN


NoiseAware dashboard
NoiseAware offers real-time noise and occupancy monitoring.

NoiseAware is a privacy-safe noise and occupancy monitor that, like Minut, is designed especially for short-term rental managers. 

The software automates notifications so you know if there’s a noise or crowd issue, and, with its AutoResolve service, sends automated messages to guests asking them to keep the noise down. These features help you reduce your manual tasks as you remotely manage your vacation rental properties.

As with Minut, you can use NoiseAware for outdooring monitoring—just be aware that the weather-resistant sensor has to be connected to a separate, in-range indoor device for it to function. Also note that the outdoor sensors are powered by batteries that generally need replacing every six months.

NoiseAware devices are quick to install and come with a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage your customizations, check real-time updates on property status, and access the historical events log.

Top features

  • Privacy-safe noise and occupancy monitoring
  • Outdoor monitoring
  • Automated notifications 
  • AutoResolve (automated guest messaging)
  • Web and mobile app
  • Historical logs of noise and occupancy events

Why your STR business needs more than a noise monitor

As you grow your vacation rental portfolio, your managerial tasks do too, with more turnovers to schedule, more guests to communicate with, and more ad-hoc issues to resolve. That’s unless you have a consolidated tech stack and scalable processes.

With a single dashboard to give you visibility across all your properties—where you can manage your various home protection solutions and communicate with guests—you can add units to your portfolio without adding to your workload. 

As well as giving you the ability to scale your operations, a noise monitoring device that also detects occupancy, cigarette smoke, break-ins, and environmental hazards provides concrete evidence to prospective homeowners that you're equipped with the right tech to safeguard their properties.

“Partnering with Minut has also allowed us to share with prospective property partners that Kasa is committed to Safety.” Yvette Romero, Director of Strategic Product Initiatives at Kasa

Minut vs NoiseAware: The key differences explained

Both Minut and NoiseAware offer the following essential features:

  • Sleek-looking devices that are quick to install
  • Real-time noise and occupancy monitoring with automated alerts and guest messaging
  • Outdoor monitoring
  • User-friendly interfaces where you can oversee all your properties

In addition to these features, Minut monitors temperature and humidity, provides mold risk analysis, and senses security issues, such as window breaks and motion when the unit is vacant. Also, Minut alerts you if there is cigarette smoke on the property so you can reinforce your house rules before a problem escalates.

As well as these extra functionalities, Minut integrates with Airbnb and your PMS so you can automate scheduled messages to guests throughout their customer journey, from pre-check-in to post-check-out. Plus, Minut offers CallAssist and GuardAssist services, helping you create more streamlined and scalable operations.

With Minut’s feature-rich device and platform, you can manage your portfolio’s safety with confidence, prevent disturbances to neighbors, and prove to homeowners that you know how to look after their properties.