NoiseAware Alternatives: The 3 Best Solutions for Protecting Your Short-Term Rentals

Looking for the best way to protect your properties from unruly guests and other risks? See our top 3 NoiseAware alternatives and what they offer.
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October 17, 2023
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NoiseAware Alternatives: The 3 Best Solutions for Protecting Your Short-Term Rentals

If you’ve experienced having an unsolicited party at your short-term rental, or if you’re aware of the risk but have no way of knowing what’s going on at your properties because you manage them remotely, you’ll understand the value of a solution like NoiseAware.

NoiseAware tracks noise and occupancy levels in vacation rental properties and is a popular short-term rental security solution. However, it may not be exactly the right fit for your needs. 

That’s why we’re breaking down the top three alternatives to NoiseAware—so you can find a tool that reassures you your properties are always safe. We’ll also give you an overview of what exactly NoiseAware does, outline why you may want to consider alternatives, and explain what to look for in a short-term rental (STR) protection solution.

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What is NoiseAware?

NoiseAware is a privacy-safe noise and occupancy solution that helps property managers monitor their units remotely. It services homeowners and hosts, as well as property managers (both big and small). NoiseAware’s core features include the following: 

  • Noise Monitoring: Tracks noise levels at your properties
  • AutoResolve: Automatically contacts guests in the case of an issue
  • Crowd Control: Monitors occupancy by detecting the number of wireless devices in your unit

Additionally, you get access to a centralized dashboard where you can access real-time information and instant alerts, as well as historical data of any noise events you had in the past. 

The device has monitors for indoor and outdoor use (though if you want to use an outdoor monitor, you need to have an indoor one as well). NoiseAware never records guests’ conversations when tracking noise levels, meaning it always upholds their privacy. 

The indoor devices require wired installation, as they’re not operated by batteries, while the outdoor devices are battery-operated and can run for about three to six months.

NoiseAware dashboard view
You can monitor noise and occupancy levels in real-time on the NoiseAware dashboard. Source

Why consider NoiseAware alternatives?

Whether you’re switching from NoiseAware or just exploring different noise monitoring solutions for vacation rentals, there could be a number of reasons why an alternative might suit you better. 

If you’re switching from NoiseAware, it may be because you’ve experienced connectivity issues in the past. For example, some user reviews have pointed to problems like “sensors disconnecting” or “connectivity issues with devices.” So you may be looking for a monitor with minimal downtime issues. 

Some users have pointed out that common noises, like the wind, can set off their outdoor sensors. Or, you may just want to monitor noise outdoors without having to have a separate indoor device, too—which is required for NoiseAware’s outdoor sensors.

And while NoiseAware monitors noise and occupancy levels, it’s not an all-in-one solution. So you may want a device that has other functionality, like temperature and humidity tracking, cigarette detection, and a security alarm. 

What to look for in your short-term rental security solution

While your primary concern may be preventing noise complaints, your NoiseAware alternative should offer a wider range of capabilities that centralize your home protection processes and simplify your managerial tasks. 

When choosing between solutions, here are a few characteristics you should consider: 

  • Multiple security features on top of noise and occupancy monitoring, such as cigarette smoke detection, window break detection, and a motion-activated security alarm
  • All-in-one solution that, in addition to protecting your property, provides a robust range of features like automated guest messaging and temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Long battery life (around a year per charge)
  • 24/7 support in the case an issue arises with guests and you aren’t able to address it yourself
  • Integrations with Airbnb, property management systems (PMSs), and smart home devices

Ultimately, you want a device that provides you peace of mind, assures your homeowners their property is safe, and gives your guests a better experience.

Minut platform composite
An all-in-one solution like Minut automates the home protection process by giving you visibility over multiple aspects of your units. Source

3 alternatives to NoiseAware

Here are three alternatives to NoiseAware to help you keep tabs on your properties, no matter where you are.

1. Minut: The solution for all-in-one short-term rental security

Minut mobile app
Track noise and occupancy levels and get instant alerts about smoking activity in the Minut mobile app. Source

Like NoiseAware, Minut comes with noise and occupancy monitoring to help you protect your properties. But what sets it apart is that it also offers so much more, from automated guest messaging features to cigarette detection and mold risk analysis. 

Minut is highly customizable, allowing you to set your own designated decibel thresholds for noise monitoring or minimum and maximum temperature thresholds with the temperature and humidity tracking feature. 

You can access the Minut dashboard via web or mobile app, where you can monitor data across all your properties. Here you can also view historical data, from noise issues to cigarette smoke events, to protect yourself in the case of a guest dispute. 

“Minut noise sensors are essential for us providing a safe short-term rental experience for property partners, neighbors, and guests.”

-Yvette, Director of Strategic Product Initiatives at Kasa

When alerted of high noise or occupancy levels, you can automate a guest message to address the issue. But if you don’t want to have to deal with the problem yourself, Minut offers Call Assist and Guard Assist, meaning one of our trained team members will communicate with your guests on your behalf. 

But what about when you don’t have any guests? You still want to make sure your units are safe, which is why Minut also has features that help you protect a vacant STR property, like motion and window break detection, as well as a security alarm. 

Additionally, Minut integrates with Airbnb, as well as over 20 popular PMSs, and you can create automated workflows with the tool’s Zapier integration. Plus, it connects to smart locks for short-term rentals, as well as smart thermostats, letting you remotely share access codes with guests and track temperature levels at your properties.

“The peace of mind it offers is priceless.”

-Terry, Co-Founder of Antwerp Apartments

Top features

  • 100% privacy-safe noise and occupancy monitoring
  • Cigarette smoke detection and alerts
  • Weatherproof noise monitoring for outdoor spaces
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring with customizable thresholds
  • Mold risk detection
  • Security and alarm features like window break and motion detection
  • Device tamper detection
  • Automated notifications and guest messaging
  • Call Assist and Guard Assist services
  • Web and mobile app
  • Historical logs of noise and smoking events
  • Airbnb and PMS integrations
  • API for custom integrations
  • Scheduled guest messaging
  • Long-lasting battery charges (up to a year)
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2. Roomonitor

Roomonitor’s user master view
Use the Roomonitor master view to monitor noise levels across your whole portfolio. Source

Roomonitor is a secure solution for monitoring noise in vacation rentals while protecting guest privacy. You’re automatically notified when noise levels pass your customized threshold for a specified duration, helping you prevent large gatherings of people that can cause damage to your units and harm neighbor relationships. 

Roomonitor lets you view noise levels across all your properties on the tool’s manager dashboard (accessible via mobile or desktop), and you can access historical noise data in the case of a guest dispute. 

It’s easy to install and connects to your property’s WiFi to provide you with ongoing insights into what’s happening across your portfolio. If high noise levels are detected, one of two things will happen: Either the Roomonitor team analyzes the noise incident and addresses it themselves, or you receive a notification so you can directly reach out to your guests.  


  • Real-time noise monitoring
  • Alarm by SMS and/or call
  • Alarm Assistant (trained team for guest management) 
  • Time Machine (complete access to historical reports)
  • Airbnb and PMS integrations
  • User master view

3. Party Squasher

Party Squasher Pro dashboard view
Party Squasher Pro comes with a web dashboard where you can view occupancy levels across all your properties. Source

Party Squasher is a smart occupancy monitoring system. Unlike NoiseAware, it doesn’t track noise levels in your property—rather, it helps you keep tabs on your units by tracking the number of mobile devices in use in and around your home (much like NoiseAware’s Crowd Control feature). 

Several times a minute, the sensor reports how many mobile phones it detects, and you can track this data and monitor occupancy on your phone. Plus, you can receive SMS or email alerts if the number of devices exceeds your predetermined threshold, as well as if the sensor is unplugged.   

Party Squasher has two plan options: Standard and Pro. The Standard plan includes a privacy-friendly sensor that doesn’t collect guests’ personal data, along with a mobile app for monitoring your properties and the ability to set custom thresholds for your units. The Pro plan comes with all of that plus a web dashboard equipped for monitoring hundreds of properties and the ability to connect Party Squasher to your other short-term rental software. 


  • Mobile device counter
  • Automated SMS and email alerts
  • Customizable web dashboard
  • PMS and home protection integrations
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • SafePro program, which gives customers special deals with partners, including insurance and guest screening partners

Protect your properties with an all-in-one security solution

Vacation rental technology that keeps your properties safe is an investment that will pay itself off in the long run. But what’s even better is an all-in-one solution that not only tracks noise and occupancy but also monitors other aspects of your units, like smoking activity and temperature and humidity levels. 

So when choosing between these NoiseAware alternatives, keep in mind both the specific needs of your business and how these tools will help you simplify your operations and automate manual tasks. 

By doing that, you can enjoy not only greater peace of mind but also get more time back in your day–when you consolidate all your property security processes into one solution, you don’t have to constantly be switching between tabs. That means more time to focus on improving the guest experience, attracting more owners, and growing your property portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions about NoiseAware alternatives

Is NoiseAware a smart home device?

NoiseAware is a smart home device that, much like the Minut sensor, tracks noise levels while protecting guest privacy. It helps vacation rental property managers and owners keep their properties safe, and it never records guest conversations. NoiseAware also monitors occupancy within a short-term rental, as does the Minut device. 

What is the difference between NoiseAware and Minut?

NoiseAware and Minut are both smart home devices for short-term rentals that track noise and occupancy levels. The main difference between the two is the features they offer. In addition to noise and occupancy monitoring, Minut also comes with features like: 

  • Cigarette smoke detection
  • Temperature and humidity tracking
  • Mold risk detection
  • Motion and window break detection
  • Security alarm

How do I choose the right noise monitoring alternative to NoiseAware?

When deciding between noise monitoring alternatives to NoiseAware, you want to ensure you’re choosing an all-in-one device that encompasses multiple aspects of property protection. Minut, for example, helps you monitor noise and occupancy levels at your properties, but it can also detect other risks like cigarette smoke and mold. 

You also want a device that connects to your other short-term rental software. Minut integrates with Airbnb and Zapier, as well as over 20 PMSs.