Minut Highlights 2021

We’re welcoming the new year with a brief look back at 2021. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve been up to.
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January 6, 2022
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Minut Highlights 2021

2021 was a big year for the industry, as vacation rental was recovering. Our partners took on the year with new funding, consolidation and ambition. Our clients kept expanding and innovating.

For us at Minut, it’s been a year of growth. We welcomed new team members, entered new markets, and introduced entirely new features. Here’s a medley of some of our favorite and proudest moments from 2021:

We added a BookingSync integration
BookingSync hosts no longer needed to worry about contacting guests when they got a noise alert - Minut could now do it for them.

Minut x BookingSync logos

We monitored occupancy

In March, we made Crowd detect available to all our customers for free. Since then, the feature has helped countless hosts combat overcrowding in their rentals.

We resolved noise issues with upgraded Guest Connect

The updates included Autocall, editable text messages and a brand new noise event timeline.

We synced up with Smoobu

We made our fully-automated noise resolution and guest communication solutions available to all Smoobu hosts.

Minut x Smoobu logos

We welcomed guests with Scheduled messages  

The new feature made guests feel at home and saved hosts valuable time.

We joined forces with Igloohome

Contactless check-ins have never been easier.

Igloohome lock with a speech bubble

We provided Kasa with crucial insight 

Yvette Romero, Director of Strategic Product Initiatives at Kasa, disclosed how the accommodations brand grows trust with property partners and communities thanks to Minut.

Yvette Romero headshot with a quote about Minut and a photo of a Kasa rental

We promoted responsible growth in Prague with Airbnb

Our Pilot Program launched in September to an overwhelmingly positive reception from hosts on Airbnb in Prague.

Minut and Airbnb logos over Prague landscape

We welcomed Hostfully as our partner

The integration brought quicker noise resolution for all Hostfully customers.

Minut x Hostfully logos on a sage green background

We integrated with Hostaway

The partnership helped Hostaway hosts make sure all noise issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

Minut x Hostaway logos against a sky with house roofs at the bottom

We said Hola/Óla to Spain and Portugal

We entered the Spanish and Portuguese markets to support sustainable travel in the region.

Minut sensor with two speech bubbles saying Hola and Olá with Spanish and Portuguese flags

We teamed up with Uplisting

The integration opened up our automated noise resolution to all Uplisting customers.

Minut x Uplisting logos on a dark green wall background with flowers around them

We arrived in France

Our partners and clients in France gave us a really warm welcome.

Minut sensor lit up in French flag colors surrounded by light pink macarons

We helped BnBSupport be the bridge between hosts and guests

We heard from Jean-Paul, the CEO and founder, on why they have a company policy to install Minut in every single listing.

See more testimonials here.

We ended the year with the FantasticStay integration

We gave all FantasticStay hosts the opportunity to automate noise resolution.

Minut x FantasticStay logos on a sky background with a building underneath